WHAT IS BIG? As a child, this was the title of one of the first
books I ever read. A picture of an obviously large elephant next to a
tiny mouse adorned the front cover to illustrate for young children
the difference between large and small. Every calf in the herd, fry in
the sea, and chick in the sky learns this same lesson about relative
size. The difference between large and small is a reality that permeates
this whole world. Later, as an adult, I would revisit these relative
extremes in size in a new way and on a scale that I could have never
previously imagined. After I had met the most powerful man in the
world, I had learned firsthand—in a stunning and profound way—
the answer to the question, what is big?
The most powerful man in the world was Ryan Moran, and
until his death, we were friends and business partners for nearly a
quarter of a century. Ryan had founded and once ran the largest,
most powerful transnational corporation on the face of the planet.
Yes, he was big, powerful, and a legend among all those who knew
him and knew about him. Whether through the barrel of a gun, a
signature put to a document, or a mere idea placed into another’s
mind, Ryan Moran personified big. Although unknown to most
people, until now, Ryan nonetheless touched the lives of many
through the vastness of his corporate empire and far-reaching
personal sacrifices. Like a pebble cast into a pond, the life of Ryan
Moran cast waves upon waves of influence and change that have
spread with infinite scope across the world—no one has been left
unaffected, not even you. Ryan Moran’s life and legacy has touched
all our lives in profound and lasting ways. This book is based upon
my recollections of my conversations, adventures, and friendship
with the most powerful and influential man in the world—Ryan

Control Switch On: The True Story Of The Most Powerful Man In The World-RYAN MORAN-Who Shaped The Planet For Peace

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