The notion of the nation-state no longer exists as it once did—
the United States, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, and all other
nations are now controlled by transnational corporations. These
transnationals are their own entities, owing no allegiance to any one
nation but having holdings and influence in them all. They exist
offshore—they are incorporated in financial centers outside the
jurisdiction of their primary operations—yet they control the financial
and political outcomes of all countries. Operating with their
own set of rules, regulations, and laws that transcend those of the
nation-states, some transnationals (as you may already know) are so
powerful that they even have their own armies. As the man who
once controlled the largest and most powerful transnational organization,
Ryan had stewardship over the world.

Control Switch On: The True Story Of The Most Powerful Man In The World-RYAN MORAN-Who Shaped The Planet For Peace

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