Like so many before me who have been dispirited and suffered even greater losses, I sought sanctuary from the worldly blows in a church. Here, I could bare my soul and seek remedy for my grieving heart. I am grateful that their doors were unlocked during this time of need, as I sat night after night in prayer and meditation. There, as I sought shelter from an incomprehensible demoralization and life’s cruel ravages, a man came to me. He appeared as if in a dream, with long dark hair, darkened skin, and deep-set eyes. I sat fixated, held in his gaze. A slow golden spiral of light emanated from his chest and entered into my heart as an ultimate, illuminating act of grace.

Out of every problem comes a gift. One does not comprehend a vision until after the fact. The mind is too slow and too much an encumbered instrument to grasp the subtleties of the light. But when it was done, I opened my eyes and looked up to the cross for confirmation. Then I knew why all my tears had been wiped away. With this vision a prescient revelation assured me I would endure the coming storm.

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the world for peace.

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