A temperature change of this type would be unfathomable. Now,
however, it was my turn to prove him and the world wrong.

I stared at the Psi-control Switch, noticing the connections
between the various components, but I wasn’t sure what to do. It
was like trying to find the ignition switch on an alien’s flying saucer.
In a moment of utter frustration, I finally imagined the end of the
thermistor with a match under it as though I was heating it up.
Stewing, I held that image in my mind’s eye for a moment, when
suddenly the pitch of the tone from the speaker rose rapidly for
several seconds and then the printer head began to move upwards.

“What?!” Julio exclaimed upon hearing the tone change. Squinting
and frowning, Julio rechecked the wiring of the device, played
with the knob and dial settings on the graph recorder until the
system was reset at a straight line. When satisfied that the instruments
were finally operating correctly, he turned back around to
focus on his other experiment. I stared at the straight line of the
graph, and, again, mentally placed the end of the thermistor into a
flame. The oscillator’s pitch shot up at a faster rate to an even higher
level with the ink-producing print head on the graph responding
with an upward movement.

“What the?” Julio turned around abruptly, looked at the device
and then looked at me. “Did you do that?” He asked, with a look
of abject surprise on his face.
“Ah…I think so,” I replied.

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the planet for peace.

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