It was a cause for celebration. Ryan passed the one-year mark
and his cancer was in remission. At least one battle of the war was
won. He telephoned me to let me know how he was doing. “Oye,
Sheldon! I feel a lot better,” he told me, “and I even lost some
“Now, you’re making me jealous,” I teased.
“Yeah, sure, it’s a great weight loss plan,” Ryan joked, and then
grew serious. “But listen, I still have a couple of problems. The doc
put me on antibiotics today for a respiratory infection that keeps
coming back, and I still feel depressed.”
“Yeah, you’ll probably have an infection for a while because of
the chemo,” I explained. “Say, how much Celexa are you on now?”
“Forty milligrams,” he replied.
“And the Ativan, are you still taking that for anxiety?” I asked.
“Yes,” he replied.
“Tell your doctor that she can go up to sixty milligrams on the
Celexa with no problem. That should help with the depression,
“Okay, I’ll let her know,” he replied, and then added, “Hey, I’d
like to pay you a visit in a few weeks, you know, like the old days.”
“Great! Like the old days!” I exclaimed. “I’ll look forward to
that. Besides, it’s been boring around here without you.”
“Yeah,” he laughed, “we’ll see if we can’t change that.”

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