I had to use discretion when it came to questioning Ryan. On
occasion, when I overheard or glimpsed something of importance, I
intuitively knew not to take it any further. Sometimes I wouldn’t
pursue what I heard or saw, because of a special look that he would
give me, a look as if to say, “Mind your own business.” Other times,
it was just common sense. On occasion, he would explain things to
me at a later date, after some appropriate time had passed. Still,
there were times when I would probe the boundaries, looking for
more immediate answers. He would ask me why I needed to know
the information, and if I answered that I was just curious, he would
tell me, “Curiosity is self serving,” and then add, “Besides you don’t
need to know about that.” Once, when I asked him about Lee
Harvey Oswald and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy,
his verbatim reply was, “We know who they were and we took
care of them.” Obviously, the Warren Commission was not as forthcoming
with the truth as they had led us to believe. Ryan’s words
implied that Oswald did not work alone.

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