Question from Ted R—–

Who Controls The Singularity, Ryan Moran’s Organization?

Answer from:  Ira

I can only speculate as to the amount of control Ryan’s organization exerts over Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity. As I no longer have direct access through Ryan, I can only extrapolate from the data base I had while he was alive. That being said, I am not sure anyone has “control” over the Singularity due to it’s size and unpredictable nature. After all, although Ryan’s organization is big, it does not have an unlimited amount of resources.  A better way of looking at this question may be to ask, “Who has influence over the Singularity?” Within this context I think Ryan’s organization is certainly the major influential player. I offer this excerpt from my book, CONTROL SWITCH ON, to give some clarity to this issue:


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