Erika—she remains somewhat of an enigma
to me. Over the years, Ryan was the only conduit that I had to her.

When calling Erika on the phone, he would sometimes share bits of
their conversations with me. During these moments of leisure, he
would cover up the mouth piece of the phone and, with a joyful
expression on his face, he would say to me in a hushed voice, “She’s on the boat in the Mediterranean,” or something equally exciting and intriguing. While still looking at me jubilantly, he would then say in a louder voice to her, “Oh, you just finished reading the Bible, and you’re having breakfast,” or some narration that was equally mundane. Again, he would cover the mouthpiece and whisper to me something like, “She’s having cantaloupe and shrimp.” I would sit on the edge of my bed at these times and listen with rapt attention.

But above all of this dancing around—these commitment and
deal making propositions—at the very pinnacle of their relationship
was Ryan’s immutable respect for Erika and a bond that could not
be broken. Of all the people whom Ryan had ever talked about,
both high and low within their world power structures, it was Erika
whom he respected the most.

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the planet for peace.

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