Ryan momentarily looked about to make sure that no one else
was listening. “Those companies that Erika runs down south for me
on the island are now up to thirty-four divisions.
“Thirty-four!” I exclaimed, in amazement at how large his
corporate empire had grown. “Christ! Do you realize how big that
is? That’s double the size from when we first met!”
“Yeah,” he said, with a grin. “But that’s not all. Your Psi-control
Switch project is now at a divisional level.”
“What?” I exclaimed, while searching his face for any signs of
doubt. “You gotta be kidding? You mean it’s grown into the size of
a division?” I asked.
“That’s right,” he replied. “That’s now one of the biggest
projects around the world.”
“Wow!” I uttered, feeling totally caught off guard. “That’s
spectacular,” I added, still trying to take the news in. My mind was
numb. I tried to envision the Psi-control Switch project’s size and
importance to the world; it had been years since we last talked about
it. A division is one way to delineate the various aspects of an
organization’s whole enterprise under broad headings. For security
reasons, I have never known just how big a division is, but according
to Ryan, it is huge! Finally, I asked, “Any idea when I’ll get paid
out on that project?”
“Don’t know,” he replied. “It’s up to Erika now. She’s supposed
to convene a committee sometime in the future to figure out when
and how much. You know how she is; she has her own sense of
“Oh, great,” I moaned, “I’ll probably be dead by then.” We
each broke into a small laugh realizing that there may be a grain of
truth to what I had just said.

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