Spy Car For World’s Most Powerful Man-Ryan Moran (Notes:not formally in the book)

Sometime during the first few years I knew Ryan the spy car arrived. It just showed up one day in the drive way. Essentially it was a small and older looking car rather non-threatening in its appearance. But, as it turns out, this was just a cover for a powerful muscle car. The cars frame under the hood was modified to fit a Corvette engine inside along with other modifications throughout the car. For example, a specially modified suspension allowed it to take lots of punishment and stay on the road even if it hit a high curb. The only outward sign of its true nature was the fact it had a race car steering wheel with a very small diameter. Although the “spy car” was my name for the vehicle Ryan referred to it as the “get up and go machine.” He explained to me how he needed to do some work for Erika which required him to be able to tail  people in their cars without making them suspicious when he was behind them. Obviously, a newer, larger, and more muscular car would throw up a red flag to the driver in front of him when being tailed. This inconspicuous car gave him an edge in hiding his real intentions. Of course, if there was to be a pursuit, he would have plenty of “get up and go” to keep up with the opposition. This new role for Ryan was part of a contractual quid pro quo agreement between Erica and the CIA. It effectively allowed Ryan to stay in the local area without having to travel as much.

Normally I was not allowed to be with Ryan when he went out on these runs in the spy car. For some unknown reason Ryan did ask me once to join him on a spy car run. It was near dusk in Mapleton when he threw a couple of rifles which he kept in a closet into the car and asked me to come along. I hopped in and he quickly barreled out of the driveway,connected with the freeway, then got off on a side road in a rural part of the county. He pulled up behind a single level structure and shoved one of the rifles into my hands. When we got out of the car I asked him what he wanted me to do with the rifle. He said, “Just stay here at the car and if anyone comes out of that back door over there, shoot them. I’ll be going in through the front.” I was a bit shocked so I asked him, “What if you come out of the back door?” With annoyance and a facial grimace he snapped back at me, “Damn it, just shoot whoever comes out the door.” “Okay, okay” I quickly replied as he headed towards the structure. Luckily no one exited the rear of the structure and about twenty minutes later Ryan returned to the car. As an extra bonus I got to drive part of the way home in the spy car. It certainly was a “get up and go machine” although I felt strange driving it. This was not so much because of its speed and power but because of the awkwardness of the small racing steering wheel which I was not used to.

What he was doing inside the structure I do not know as I had the good sense not to ask. In any event, driving the spy car was an exhilarating experience and a night to remember. About a year later the spy car disappeared from the driveway as mysteriously as it had arrived. Ryan never discussed its disappearance and I never asked what happened to it.












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