CIA Partner Of World’s Most Powerful Man-Ryan Moran (Notes: not formally in the book)

Early on in my acquaintance  with Ryan Moran I got to meet one of his CIA partners by the name of J–. His main partner was still T.P. (Tooth Pick) but every now and then, when he needed to do contract work in the local area, he would team up with one of his past partners. I never spoke to him and only saw him once when Ryan pointed him out to me when he came over to pick up the Spy Car. He was a large  man with a round barrel of a chest, scraggly dark hair with a beard to match. He was not “clean looking” like others around Ryan and I suspect he was undercover for this reason.

Ryan talked to him from time to time on the phone. A very unusual aspect of these phone conversations was Ryan letting me listen in to their conversation for very short periods of time. This occurred  on just two occasions. When he was talking to J– he motioned me to come over and then put his hand over the mouthpiece saying, “Put your ear up to the phone and listen while I talk.” He then held the phone at an angle so we could both listen to the conversation. I could not hear well and it was an uncomfortable position as Ryan was taller than me. I would only listen for about a minute before Ryan would move the phone away. This all seemed rather strange to me and I am not sure why he wanted me to do this. Perhaps he just wanted to let me know there really was someone on the other end of the line.

J– was involved with Ryan and the use of the Spy Car. From the bits and pieces I gleaned from their conversations some of this work dealt with the illicit drug trade. Their work relationship went on until Ryan received notice that J–’s brother, who also worked for the CIA, had both of his legs blown of off by a car bomb. He was not related as far as I could tell with the local operation but was working elsewhere. Ryan called J– and consoled him about the loss of his brother’s legs but was glad he was still alive. J– faded out of the picture shortly thereafter but the car bomb incident soured the mood around the house for quite a few weeks.














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