Oil Tanker Pilot “Golden Boy” Joins AA -Associate of Ryan Moran-World’s Most Powerful Man (Notes: not officially in the book)

Ryan Moran called him the “Golden Boy” due to the color of his blonde hair and  ostensible young looks. He was one of Ryan’s oil tanker pilots and part of the inner circle when Ryan was still in control of the organization. Although not the head of the oil shipping department, as that distinction fell upon a man named C—, the “Golden Boy” had obviously been associated with Ryan for a considerable period of time. He thus was able to act as a unique sounding board to my questions regarding how the oil they controlled was manipulated throughout the world. I suspect he was not a member of the CIA by his body language and the looseness of his words. Eventually he did verify as being true the accounts Ryan had told me regarding their shipping operations.

The “Golden Boy” would occasionally come into Mapleton for stints of about thirty days at a time joining Ryan at his AA meetings. Obviously he too ran afoul of good judgement and possibly even succumbed to one of  Erika’s mandates.  This attending of meetings went on for a period of a couple of years. Although Ryan was not particularly close to the “Golden Boy”, he was social and cordial in his presence. The “Golden Boy” did convey to me how they were drinking buddies from days gone by.

Terry was the younger sister of the “Golden Boy” who started to date Ryan and accompanied us at times when we went to the movies. She was a tall and attractive brunette of about twenty five years old. The only significant things I remember her telling me about herself was  she attended the local university. Not much else was revealed about her life. Ryan did however tell me she was once a page on Capitol Hill. In this regard, and being the sister of the “Golden Boy,” I assumed she was familiar with Ryan’s position within the world’s hierarchy. Neither of us broached the subject matter and she remained tight lipped, focusing her attention on Ryan when we were together. She was only around Ryan for several months before she quietly disappeared  from the picture.

Both the “Golden Boy” and his sister had well passed from my purview when Ryan once again brought up their names. We were watching the evening news on the television together some years later when the newscaster mentioned hostilities with Iran in the Strait of Hermuz. This is a narrow passageway in the Middle East connecting the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea, a strategic corridor through which much of the world’s oil is shipped. The Iranians had aimed their missiles at one of Ryan’s oil tankers and threatened to close the waterway unless their demands were met. The tanker, now fully loaded with oil, was a sitting duck in an explosive and dangerous situation with the crew originally ordered to abandon ship. Ryan explained how they now had to helicopter in the “Golden Boy” to pilot the vessel out of harms way. With a nervous look Ryan said, “I sure am glad I’m not in his shoes.” Ultimately the situation was resolved without an adverse event yet I remember thinking to myself about the dangers involved for the “Golden Boy.” It also reinforced my belief  as to why it would not be the best of ideas to join Ryan’s organization. Then, as an additional shocker, Ryan told me news about the “Golden Boy’s” sister Terry. He matter of factually revealed she had become pregnant when she was with him in Mapleton, bearing him a son and was now raising him back in Washington. It certainly was startling information and perhaps Ryan and I were still too young in our nascent relationship for him to reveal this to me previously. Yet upon reflection, I assume she had gotten what she wanted, a son from the world’s most powerful man.

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