Why did the Russians and Chinese want to capture Ira Teller? Psi thermistor studies were already already published.

Question from: Roger S—-, Scientist, Inventor

At our last meeting you stated the Russians and Chinese were interested in capturing you and possibly torturing you for what you knew about the Psi-control switch. But thermistor studies involving the psychic Ingo Swann and his ability to change the temperature of a thermistor were already published in the early 1970′s. This was long before you were involved in the field. Why would they be so interested in you? How do you explain this?

Answer from: Ira

You are correct. The successful paranormal influence by  Ingo Swann upon temperature with insulated thermistors was reported by Gertrude Schmeidler, Ph.D., in The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, October 1973. I surmise there was more to this situation than just my knowledge of parapsychology. Rather I suspect it was my close association with Ryan Moran which stimulated the interest in me.

Over time Ryan’s influence was being felt more and more globally. I assume foreign intelligence agencies, like their counterpart the CIA in the United States, were noting this increased activity but did not know what to make of it due to the “big black wall” of secrecy around his organization. Most likely I was seen as a way to breach this level of security and infiltrate his organization. As a consequence, I may have become a valued target.




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