Why didn’t Erika send Ryan any money? (exposure)

Question from:  Joyce L–
I do not understand why Erika could not send Ryan any cash.

Answer from: Ira

This was a sore spot between Ryan and me. Although frustrated by the fact that Erika did not want “exposure” in any form that might cause the corporate trust to be investigated, Ryan seemed to tolerate this better than I did. Perhaps it was the legal aspects of the type of trust (Ryan said it was a “Clifford Trust”) that he initially used to set up his organization of which he was certainly more versed in than I was or perhaps he was more resigned to the way that she wished to run the organization. She was now in control of the organization and he was not. There is also the possibility that Ryan also had a prearranged agreement with Erika regarding this issue before he relinquished corporate control and came state side. Ryan was fond of using side agreements between individuals. Still he continually tried to direct monies our way but was unsuccessful. For example, while on the phone to Erika he would bring up the fact that the organization owed him $ 7 million for a radar system that he helped the US Navy develop and another $ 5 million for an undisclosed project that he did. Still, Erika would not release this from the trust. Believe me when I say that I was baffled by this myself and wish it was not the case. As the years passed by I became more resigned to the fact that this was the reality of the situation.

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