Why did Ryan not take any money upon leaving his organization? (Also Gerry B——- on Bob Dylan)

Question from: Scott D—–, Pharm. D.

Surely Ryan would have wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labor and taken some money with him when he left the organization that he set up.

Answer from: Ira

The fruit that Ryan enjoyed was different than most peoples concept. When asked, most people will say that they just want to be “comfortable” with everyone seemingly having a different level of comfort. For Ryan, power was much more important than wealth or comfort. When he set up his off shore organization he described to me how he traded power for wealth during that time period. Essentially he gave the selected intelligence officers that fit his world view from the various organizations around the world a share of the wealth of the organization for their service. He in turn maintained control of the power of the organization for himself.

With his drinking he felt that he would loose control of the organization. This is when he brought in Erika, someone who was extremely talented and a trusted friend and lover, to take over the control of his organization. Needless to say, being around Ryan when he was drunk was a messy affair as it is with most alcoholics. I assume that he was not in the best of shape mentally or otherwise when he transferred  the power and control of the organization to Erika. I was not there and do not know for sure exactly what transpired but by the time that I met Ryan, he was penniless.

ADDENDUM 05/13/11

I spoke with Ryan’s widow Jan the other day and got the phone number for Gerry B——-. Gerry was a good friend of Ryan and the last time that I spoke to him was at the funeral eight years ago. I called him last night and it was good to hear a familiar voice from my distant past. I felt as though I was transported back into those early days of Mapleton as we shared some stories about Ryan. Gerry informed me that he first met Ryan sometime in 1976 which would have been two to three years before I met Ryan. He said that Ryan was living in the apartments above L–’s Pharmacy in the downtown center of Mapleton. When I queried him about Ryan’s financial health at that time he told me that my account of him being penniless was accurate.

Gerry worked for the parole department in and about Mapleton and our paths would cross at times with Ryan being the common denominator. Gerry’s biggest connection to Ryan when I first met him was through music. He says they actually wrote some songs together and I have a memory of this as they sat together. Gerry related to me that he would occasionally play guitar at the LaChampagne Bar and Restaurant although I had never seen him perform. Hopefully from Gerry we will learn more in the future about Ryan’s role with Bob Dylan and others in the performing industry.

Gerry indicated to me in the phone call that he knew Mary who was Ryan’s third wife before I arrived on the scene. Furthermore he had met Ryan’s parents on multiple occasions and had visited them at their home on the mountain top above the lake. He said that Ryan did not point out the airstrip for the Saber Liners at the bottom of the mountain. Although Ryan had told me that his first wife had died at an early age from leukemia he never talked much about her.  Gerry told me that this event was the basis for the film with Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw, “Love Story.”  This was something that I did not know.

Throughout our phone conversation Gerry told me that he was always impressed by Ryan and that he had profoundly influenced his life. He was not however aware of Ryan’s secret life as the world’s most powerful man. Gerry stated that he would start reading my book and get back to me when he is done. I hope that he does and is willing to answer future questions in this blog. His unique closeness and perspective of being Ryan Moran’s friend would be a great asset in this historical account.

ADDENDUM: 07/05/2011

Reply from Gerry B——-.
After reading this book, I was amazed at how much the Author was able
to describe the person and nature of Ryan. I knew him very well and in
fact was acquainted with him prior to the Authors accounts in this
book. Many of the Author`s descriptions of events and Ryan`s unique
personality and intelligence were witnessed firsthand by myself.
Therefore, I will not repeat those events.
My first encounter with Ryan was at a University where I had
enrolled. Why I chose to return to school eludes me at this time but
my state of mind was rather dismal. I had divorced, quit my job and
returned to the only coping mechanism that I was familiar; alcohol and
drugs! I met Ryan and his Wife while attending a group counseling
session in the Psychology Department of the University. I am sure that
Ryan could easily determine that my emotional state was anything but
positive. Over time we became friends and I was completely mesmerized
about his concept of reality. He always had a grasp of any situation,
knew exactly how to respond and I relied upon his judgement and
assistance mainly when dealing with other people of groups.
Ryan and I decided that we were going to start a planning and
development company and he would teach me all the nuances of private
business. Although I attempted to keep up with Ryan and contribute to
the business, his energy and intellectual capacity was way beyond
anything that I had experienced. Ultimately I decided to return to a
career that I was familiar with and gave up the business venture. I
had always had a dream of being a musician and thought that I might be
able to “make it” as a song writer and singer. Ryan slowly divulged to
me that he had been involved in the music industry and was an
essential part of the “Bob Dylan” phenomenon of the early and mid
60`s. Initially I disregarded this kind of “story telling” but over
time I found his statements to be factual mainly as a result of
discussions with his Parents.
I have two items from this time with Ryan. One is a book of all the
songs from Bob Dylan. Ryan noted the songs that he had written and who
had written or collaborated on the other songs. I also have a tape of
two songs that we made. The lyrics are so close to songs attributed to
Bob Dylan that it is rather eery! Ryan could not carry a tune or play
a musical instrument but his command of words and symbols were
This has been a very condensed and minimal account of my friendship
with Ryan as the Author has covered, and very effectively, much about
his life. After I decided to return to a familiar career and abandon
the private business plans and not pursue a career as a
musician/songwriter, we were always in close contact. Rarely did a
week pass that we did not communicate in some manner and visits were
His knowledge and insight into world events and human behavior never
ceased to amaze me. Even though he has been gone for quite a few years
now, I still think a lot about him, what he taught me about life and
just miss being able to talk to someone who could cut through the
“craziness and bullshit” and help.




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