NEW WORLD ORDER and Ryan Moran? (conspiracy theory)

Question from: Ron S—–, CPA

Could you recommend a book or books that you might know of that might be of interest to me along the lines of a “Ryan Moran” type of endeavors, NEW WORLD ORDER and/or the people like Ryan behind the government(s)?

Answer from: Ira

I have not read a book in more than thirty years so I am at a loss on this question to give a recommendation. I do however still read journals, newspapers, and magazines but I am always somewhat bemused and amused when I find an article on the NEW WORLD ORDER. I usually encounter the Great Seal of the United States with an all seeing eye seated upon the top of a pyramid and usually a Star of David or some other structure connecting points of concern in Washington D.C. Invariably there is reference to the End of Time, Free Masons, and the Illuminati or a multitude of other such conspiracy theories.

When the mind encounters a concept that it does not know or understand, it has a tendency to deny the existence of the idea or to fill in the blanks with what it projects must be true. This I have witnessed in both secular and spiritual thought. If enough minds either deny the issues existence or fill in the blanks the same way then they will say that this must be the reality that exists. Unfortunately people many times confuse these so called “facts” of the issue with the truth. Truly many individuals that I have met in my lifetime are intelligent, knowledgeable, worldly and insightful but they do not have a platform of a higher perspective whereby they know the truth.

First and foremost, Ryan’s organization is a business. Their goal is to grow as large and as powerful as they can around the globe and this is accomplished by utilizing accepted business practices. It is the power of this business that allow them to manipulate world events on such a grand scale.

Secondly, they have their original directive dating back to WWII to prevent the next great war which came out of a position of immense human suffering. They use the huge power of their business to fulfill this directive.

Finally, they are established to “do good in the world.” This is a rather subjective position and although you may agree with this goal, you may not necessarily agree with the means by which they accomplish it. Because they come from a warrior cast they will use force if necessary when meeting their goals. This is balanced by the many other good works and large charitable events around the world that are nurtured under their guidance and direction.

If this is the NEW WORLD ORDER then so be it. However, I would not look to most of the concepts that I have seen written on the subject unless it is in line with what I have written above. Although the subject matter is tantalizing and exhilarating to the mind, most of what you will read on the subject is not true.

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