Why did you write the book? (The Father of Our Planet & the value of Ryan’s cowboy boots)

Question from: Rosemary B F—–.

Why did you write the book?

Answer from: Ira

First and foremost, I wrote the book to honor Ryan Moran. Yet there is a largeness to his history that transcends even what I wrote which, to the average person, is spectacularly large to begin with. Quite frankly, when queried on the subject matter of the book, I let people know that if someone else was to tell me this story, I would not believe them. There is no framework of perspective for such a belief unless one was actually there. And yet there is much about Ryan that even I do not know or have a clear perspective of. From my orientation I see Ryan Moran more as “The Father of Our Planet” in an analogous fashion to George Washington being the “Father of Our Country.” Every country has a founding father, a willful existentialist of a man who historically through cunning and force forged the various regional tribes, villages and cities into the nation state. These were usually revolutionary times that involved  the use of guns and sabers with the spilling of blood to bring about these transitions.  In similar fashion, Ryan Moran has forged the nation states into the first world wide governmental force unifying our planet. Yet, as my editor and others pointed out to me during the writing of the book, this is too large of a reach for my book. Perhaps some day Erika will allow the full scope of Ryan Moran’s history to be known and published.

Next, the book was a tool for me to transition back into society. There were many friends that I had left behind on this journey who I had a heartfelt need to reconnect with. Like explorers of the past, I found it at times difficult to explain my story verbally to them in any succinct and coherent way. The book does covers a thirty plus year expanse. That is a lot of water under the bridge and with questions and answers  exchanged back and forth it became a tedious time consuming process with little clarity. This then gave rise to the idea to put the history into the form of a novel which I could send to people and then discuss it with them later. Not everyone that I have sent the book to has responded to me. Maybe the water is too deep and cold or the story too unbelievable for them to respond. But for those who did responded, the joy of reconnecting from where we left off so many decades ago has been a heartwarming experience. In total, the experience of writing the book for me was not only cathartic but allowed me to put my life into perspective. This helped me meld back into a society that does not understand this separate reality from which I had just exited.  Sharing this with people that I love and who have unconditionally welcomed me back has been a joy. As social primates, we all want to be understood within the context of a community. I am glad that I wrote the book and that some within the community understand me better for it.

Finally, I have a profit motive for writing the book. Upon meeting my commitment to Ryan and exiting the boundaries of his organization I found myself with little financial means left. Without knowing when Erika would pay me out on the project, or if I would even be alive by the time that she decides to do so, I looked around at my paltry circumstance. All that I had left were Ryan’s cowboy boots which I had traded at times for so many millions of dollars and opportunities. But what could I do with an old pair of cowboy boots I thought to myself? They seemed valueless. Then late one night it dawned upon me that I would have to write the history of Ryan Moran in order to let people know the true value of the boots that I possess.

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