What stands out in your mind that you really don’t like about your book? (Red colored cowboy boots)

Question from: Janice, B——– (Published Author)

What stands out in your mind that you really don’t like about your book?

Answer from: Ira

The one thing that really stands out in my mind is the image of the cowboy boots on the jacket cover. Although Ryan did wear a reddish brown pair of boots at one time, they were not this bright color of red or style of boot. The pair that I possess are a light brown in color, and if I recall, his widow Jan posses  a chocolate brown pair.  Neither pair has the elaborate straps on them as seen on the jacket cover image. This is the one item in the book that is fabricated and because I concentrated on zero tolerance of fabrication this really sticks out in my mind as something that I do not like. If there is something about the book that is not true or accurate then this is it.

I spent several hours a day for several days obsessively looking for the perfect image of cowboy boots to put on the jacket cover. I finally found the pair that I liked but neglected to mark their location thinking that I could easily find them again.  Well, I was wrong and spent several more days frantically trying to locate this image or another suitable image. It was an exasperating process that began to effect my meditations from the strobe effect of reviewing countless images in rapid succession. With my mind frazzled and agitated I eventually acquiesced when an editor suggested the red boots. After publication I realized that this was the wrong decision.


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