How do you celebrate Ryan Moran Day? (June 15th 2011 first full moon in June Ryan Moran day)

Question from: Jordan —–

How do you celebrate Ryan Moran Day?

Answer from: Ira

Ryan Moran Day is celebrated on the day of the first full moon in June which is the month of his birthday. I purposely kept the date of his birthday vague, a secret to protect his identity. This year the first full moon falls on Wednesday June 15th, 2011.

It is a time of remembrance for me when I recall all of the good that he did in the world. Without the heroic deeds, insight, and suffering that he endured for us the world would be much worse off or possibly cease to exist as we know it today. Usually I will go to a restaurant and order a Tin Roof Sunday, his favorite. The problem is that many establishments no longer have this on their menu but rather just serve a Hot Fudge Sunday which is sufficient for me. Then when the mood is right and I have said my prayers, I take a spoonful of the Sunday and offer it as a toast to Ryan’s spirit, thanking him for what he did.

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