How could you be so sure that your Psi-control Switch would work?(Quantum Entanglement)

Question from: Joyce

How could you be so sure that your Psi-control Switch would work?

Answer from: Ira

Over the decades a vast amount of parapsychological research literature has pointed in this direction. Multiple researchers in a multitude of areas were coming up with similar insights and results. Once I mentally applied the concept of a delta switch to these paranormal changes it became clear to me that many of the well conducted studies could be adapted to a generic switch platform to perform work.

At the upper level of meditation a person experiences unity with the universe. While in this unity state there is the experience that you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you. Perceived duality, in that you are separate from another object, no longer exists because you and the object are now experienced as one. It is a blissful and ecstatic state where everything is experienced as vibrational light. You are both the light and the light is you. By achieving this level, an individual has firsthand experience that there is a connective force within the universe. This unity we call God.

A small aspect of this unity experience is called Psi by parapsychologists. The brightest minds in this field of parapsychology now believe that this Psi is an entangled process between minds that operates on quantum entanglement principles. These entanglement principles have now been elucidated in the field of Physics. In other words, the universe is connected to us in a small way that Physicists are now capable of discerning via their experiments. At a most basic level, the minds of seemingly separate individuals are actually connected or entangled through a quantum process. Taken a step further, an individuals is entangled with all that exists within the universe which in turn accounts for certain paranormal effects. Going even further, this entanglement allows an individual a certain amount of control over the universe both in terms of gaining information and manipulating it to perform work.

I experienced myself in this unity state and here I was able to transmit this light of unity to others or to inanimate objects such as a thermistor. This physical alteration could then be monitored and quantified  as in the case of a change in temperature through distance and shielding which was the model for the Psi-control. In conjunction with a delta switch, useful work can be performed. It was overall my knowledge of the research literature, my original spiritual experiences, and direct personal paranormal interactions with the physical universe that granted me the assurance that the switch would work.



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