What did you get from Ryan Moran in exchange for the Psi-control project? (Financial Reward)

Question from: Tony C——-

What did you get from Ryan Moran in exchange for the Psi-control project?

Answer from: Ira

Usually when I am asked this question it is couched in terms of financial reward.The honest and straight forward answer to this question is that I received no financial gains  from the project. Having invested all of the money that I had earned throughout my lifetime into the project, it has not brought financial reward to me. Because we live in a money structured society success is predominately related to wealth. Within this metric I have not performed well.

Yet, there is more to this than meets the eye. Ryan did provide me with substantial support for aspects not written about in the book. These are private matters and will remain as such. In retrospect, had the pharmacy project gone as planned I would be very well off now but that was not the case. Had I taken the options to go to the research island or to enter Ryan’s corporate structure, as these and other options were offered to me, I am sure that I would be a successful man in the eyes of the world. These were my choices and I am responsible for them. Still there is the possibility that Erika will pay me out on the project at some future date. This intention is all well and good but it does not meet the current day concept of success in the here and now.

I feel my true wealth comes from having helped steer the destiny of the world in a direction of my choosing. Few people can lay claim to this on such a large scale. Accordingly I own to a great extent the direction of our future due to the size and importance of the Psi-control project. It is currently being used by Ryan’s organization and is helping to guide us into the future. This is in and of itself invaluable. Yet I catch myself smiling whenever I am asked this question about financial compensation. “Look around,” I tell people that ask me this question, “It is a nice day out.” Many people have a difficult time comprehending where the nice day comes from. It is taken for granted. But I know because I was there to witness what was once a dark and bleak past unfold into a much brighter future. This has an intrinsic value all its own. Besides, I do have his cowboy boots.  In our dollar worshiping society, I wonder what they are worth?

ADDENDUM: FROM TED R——— 07/15/2011

How would you feel if the whole “uberman” substance to your story were
… a sham? If the blood, sweat and tears, let alone the $$$ you put
into it went nowhere near what your “beliefs” had erroneously
concluded? That the people “in on it” with uberman have been laffing
in luxury for – what was it? – 20+ years?

If there is a grain of doubt in your mind, why not insert some check &
balance between you and “them”, some objective audit, investigation,
etc to … either see … or validate?

I can help with some very good sources who are “brethren” of mine.
Very special brethren …


Thank you for the “very special brethren” offer as we discussed the use of them in a recent conversation outside of this blog. These are good friends that we both separately have who went off to fight in Vietnam and became established in the CIA at rather high levels. However, this is not a good idea. I already tried this tact early on and found it to be a one way street. Ryan Moran knew intimate details about them but they could find little about Ryan Moran other than “the big black wall.” Besides, I know that this type of activity throws up red flags within their information systems and at this point in time I would rather fly under their radar. My point of the book is one of awareness, not of exposure. I sleep much better at night this way.

I also know from a past conversation that you think they played me for my money or as is said “they did a tap dance” upon me. I am the first to admit that I took my lumps financially on the project because they have yet to pay me out. Still there is more to this story with the book being just a thin sliver of the total events occurring over the decades. Early on in our relationship Ryan, along with his partner T.P. (Toothpick), did something of significance that was worth a  sizable amount of money on my behalf. In fact, I was taken aback by the amount and specificity of information that they had regarding the matter. This event help to solidify my nascent understanding as to Ryan’s power. There too were many options presented by Ryan and Erika for myself and others that are not mentioned in the book. This included everything from my placement affording me a top level military career to various corporate opportunities here in the United States.  There is the likelihood that my financial outcome would be significantly different had I chosen one of these options. Existentially I still believe that my choice of freedom over financial success was the right thing for me to do given the realities that existed. The point is that Ryan and Erika did make these offers on my behalf. Furthermore, at my request, people that I know and organizations I support benefited anonymously from his economic and influential activities. My silence on all these matters will be maintained as per the book’s prologue. My private life other than that which has been revealed in the book will remain separate and nonpublic.

Certainly anytime an individual remains intensely focused in an obsessive fashion on a project, as I was for a long duration regarding Psi-controls, they are apt to miss something along the way. We are all susceptible to being taken advantage of by others. It would indeed be a rare individual who over a lifetime has not succumbed to some form of deception or erroneous beliefs in others. I am no exception to this. Nevertheless, my worldliness, education, and insights made me well aware of life’s falsities and deceitful charlatans. Hence I continually tested and validated the events presented before me against reality for truthfulness. You have my assurance that there is not grain of doubt in my mind as to the truth of what I presented regarding Ryan Moran.


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