Where did Ryan get the money to set up his offshore corporation?(Grandfather was oil baron)

Question from: Tony C——-

Where did Ryan get the money to set up his offshore corporation?

Answer from: Ira

I do not know the answer to this question as I did not ask him. I assume that he had accumulated some wealth of his own from various business deals and his job at the CIA.  However I speculate this would be nowhere near sufficient to accomplish what he set out to do. I also assume that in the halls of power he met wealthy patrons who may have helped him in the endeavor. However, my very best idea on the subject is that he obtained the financial means from his grandfather who was a wealthy oil baron. He told me that his grandfather is portrayed by Marlon Brando in the movie “The Formula.” It is one of the films Erika mandated we watch together so I could better understand Ryan’s background and way of being in the world. For some reason Ryan was extremely focused on my understanding how his grandfather acted at the movie’s end to accomplish his goals. With “the apple not falling far from the tree” I have witnessed Ryan acting at times in a similar fashion. This financial/resource contribution would account for the huge windfall of support that he would have needed to bring the many people and organizations together from around the world. It would also account for the fact that his organization started out in and still controls the world’s oil resources.



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