Describe the blue sphere that you saw in meditation after meeting Baba. (The blue pearl) ,

Question from: Karen D—— (Nurse)

Sometimes when I sit in meditation I briefly see a small speck of blue light. Is this related to the the blue sphere that you saw in meditation after meeting Baba? Can you describe it?

Answer from: Ira

Your meditation vision could very well be similar to the sphere that I saw but expressed in a somewhat different form. These spiritual entities are well described, named, and elucidated  in the East Indian literature. Furthermore, this blue dot, speck, point, etc., is a common denominator in spiritual traditions throughout the world. In the East Indian tradition it is called the Blue Pearl and the Middle East denotes it as the Mustard Seed due to its size and shape. Sometimes in Christian literature the descriptions were meant to remain secret and are described surreptitiously through an analogy such as “the peak of the mountain.” I will briefly describe what I have experienced in my meditations.

The size, shape, and color of this spiritual body will vary to a large degree. Sometimes it will be just a momentary pinpoint flash of of light than may well be no larger than the period at the end of this sentence. Because many people do not know the size and shape of a mustard seed I recommend using the size and shape of a lentil seed or even that of a small pea as these are more familiar objects. Most of the time this spiritual object takes the form of a flat circle or a three dimensional sphere but on some occasions it can look like an oblong football. In times of illness, stress, or while on medications, the light form may take on an amorphous appearance looking like a squashed star. Indeed, there is a strong link between the physical body and this spiritual body. Changes in the physical body can directly affect ones ability to perceive this inner light clearly.

The color may also change. Sometimes it will be a dark blue or a white light with many variations of a blueish white color in between. On occasion it may take on a greenish hue.

This point of spiritual light is usually first noticed against the black visual field in front of the eyes when they are closed during meditation or prayer. It may appear as a moving object traveling from left to right within this visual field or be stationary. On still other occasions it may pop out into your visual field when your eyes are open. In these instances it may be seen small in size but distinctively blue in color. Yet another time this outside view with the eyes open can present itself as a blue circle of large dimensions exceeding ten feet in diameter. This would be seen twenty to thirty feet in front of you.

As you progress in your meditations, this body of light will move from the visual field in front of you to a position  above the cranial region. You may not be able to witness this change of state as it moves into to this new position. Rather, it will just start to appear  there as a flat circle the size now of a dime or quarter. In this position it is mostly a white light in color having lost much of its blue luster. Here it might start to take on a multifaceted crystalline view like that of a cut diamonds in circular patterns. These mosaics frequently take the shape of mandalas with repeated symmetries. Ofttimes you will not even know that it was in this configuration until after the meditation experience ends. This is because the mind is no longer in the mode of analyzing and processing information but is rather in a transcended mode of being. These higher level visions are mostly analyzed after they occur. This is due to the fact that the mind is not in a mode of analytic operation until after it returns to its non-transcendent state.

Finally, this light descends upon you moving lower and lower while growing in size until you merge with it. This light merging process is large in scale, sometimes brilliant in intensity, and oftentimes felt as a great pressure and heat which does not harm you. Once merged, you experience the uniqueness of non-duality where the light is you and you are the light with the awareness of oneness. It is truly an ecstatic and blissful experience enjoyed as an ultimate expression of love. Without a doubt, this is the ultimate standard against which all other love experiences are compared. Fundamentally, it is the embodiment of love.

Initially one may only be aware of this high state as the mind eventually comes back to its normal functioning and you watch the light receding upwards as you come out of this merged experience. At the onset this can be an overwhelming experience. By its nature of being so different from my usual state of mind, I would often find myself lying on the floor panting and watching in awe as the light recedes. To say the least, this unity event is so far outside the normal waking state that the mind has a difficult time assimilating the experience. Eventually, with practice and grace, one hold this merged unity state for longer periods of time gradually adapting to it. Finally, with my eyes open while being conscious of the world about me, I was able to hold this state of oneness experiencing all as a shimmering and vibrating light of consciousness.

This ultimate state is described with the terms samadhi, satori, or christian mystical union. Yet it still needs to be maintained and guarded or the light within will diminish to a lower intensity and form, a lower state of consciousness. Many people wrongly think that once you have achieved this state it is forever but this is not the case. For this reason, transcendent individuals will continue to do spiritual practices to maintain the light of unity.







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