Why did you change your book from fiction to non-fiction? (A true story)

Question from: Lesley

Why did you change your book from fiction to non-fiction?

Answer from: Ira

May of 2011 marks the eighth anniversary of the death of Ryan Moran. I was hoping to reach the ten year anniversary before I revealed this status change however events in my personal life mandated the early announcement.

The book is non-fiction. It is in fact a historical document written in the form of a novel presented accurately to the best of my ability. As I have acknowledged, the names, dates, and places have been altered. This anonymity is for my protection and the protections of others. Time has a way of mitigating some of the negative consequences of writing a book of this nature and I trust a long enough period has passed.

The largest factor in making this decision was Erika. Because I no longer have her ear through Ryan’s intervention and with no way to contact her or others, I do not know her private thoughts. In as much as I am not a formal part of Ryan’s organization, I am not bound by legal contractual agreements of silence. However, a touch of common sense is expected. Through Ryan’s friendship I was able to witness and experience a large amount of information and events to say his organization in reality exists the way I have described it in the book.  Yet, I do not have sufficient details or secrets that would be of value to anyone of significance. This was a willful construct on the part of Ryan to protect me. Besides, even if the names, dates, and places within the book were now disclosed, do you really think that anyone would ever get to see the truth? I suspect not.  Remember, an organization such as theirs is extremely effective at protecting, masking, and veiling their actions. By the very nature of their business they are well adept at concealment. It is a core principle of their modus operandi.

Then there are the reactions of people in general. How they view this story, both those that believe it is true and those who do not, can seriously impact the real lives of myself, Ryan’s widow and others portrayed within the book.  I quoted Ryan in the prologue of the book as often saying, “Sometimes the withholding of a small part of the truth is not only wise, but prudent.” Similarly, I believe that my withholding of the book’s true non-fiction status until now was not only wise, but prudent.



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