Sign United Nations Petition: Create A World Holiday For Peace Celebrating Ryan Moran Day

From: Ira

Sign a petition requesting the United Nations to create a world holiday for peace celebrating Ryan Moran Day. Go to to sign the petition. Enter Ryan Moran into the search field of browse petitions and hit enter.


Create A World Holiday For Peace Celebrating Ryan Moran Day—–

Ryan Moran shaped our planet for peace more than any other individual in recent times. His actions for world unity have profoundly effects your future and that of future generations—–

Through his organization, he created and set into operation the
first template for a worldwide government as it successfully broke
away from control of the nation states. This was a control switch of
unprecedented proportions—nation’s governments are no longer in
ultimate control of world affairs; Ryan’s organization governs the
dynamics of national and global interests. Regardless of whether
you can see it or acknowledge it, this is the true role and stature that
his organization currently maintains. His organization’s role is for
shaping peace in the world—–

The biography of Ryan Moran is documented in the book, CONTROL SWITCH ON, and is available as a free e-download for your review at

Ryan Moran is “The Father of Our Planet” in an analogous fashion to George Washington being the “Father of Our Country.” Every country has a founding father, a willful existentialist of a man who historically through cunning and force forged the various regional tribes, villages and cities into the nation state. These were usually revolutionary times that involved the use of guns and sabers with the spilling of blood to bring about these transitions. In similar fashion, Ryan Moran has forged the nation states into the first world wide governmental force unifying our planet—–

I hereby suggest that we proclaim the day of the first full moon
in June to be Ryan Moran Day. This day, in the month of his birth,
can be a celebration for all of the world’s people, regardless of
nationality, to honor him for his accomplishments. This day should
be a worldwide day of remembrance and celebration that commemorates
the bitter sacrifices and suffering that he underwent for all of
us as he rode roughshod over tyranny. He brought about a new
world order, moving us forward toward peace and prosperity
without the specter of a worldwide war. Through the vast swath of
governance that his organization still imparts to all of the countries
of the world, he was able to accomplish great works and unite us
more than any other person. He did good in the world. Although
just a man, akin to us but with extraordinary talents, in our time of
need he was there through his organization to prevent a global
economic depression and stop the next world war. Those who knew
Ryan and worked beside him revel in his undertakings as the world’s
protector and as a man who truly sowed the seeds of a more united
planet. He lives on through his transnational organization—his
wisdom still guiding our collective destiny today—–
Let us celebrate the life of The Great and Mighty Ryan
Moran—a life that allows us exceptional tranquility and bounty.
May his vision live on forever in our hearts, minds, and deeds.

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