Who Controls The Singularity-Ryan Moran’s Organization?

Question from Ted R—–

Who Controls The Singularity, Ryan Moran’s Organization?

Answer from:  Ira

I can only speculate as to the amount of control Ryan’s organization exerts over Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity. As I no longer have direct access through Ryan, I can only extrapolate from the data base I had while he was alive. That being said, I am not sure anyone has “control” over the Singularity due to it’s size and unpredictable nature. After all, although Ryan’s organization is big, it does not have an unlimited amount of resources.  A better way of looking at this question may be to ask, “Who has influence over the Singularity?” Within this context I think Ryan’s organization is certainly the major influential player. I offer this excerpt from my book, CONTROL SWITCH ON, to give some clarity to this issue:

Yes, there are satellites in space, supercomputers, surveillance
electronics, and similar technologies which countries use. But it
is Ryan’s organization that they ultimately contract with to produce
and maintain these systems. Have you ever thought about it?
What is the locus of their ultimate control? With the multitude of
computerized, technical components manufactured in a myriad of
countries around the globe, whose hand guides this process? This
dominance and control over manufactured intelligence materials
and resources gave Ryan substantial influence and control over the
intelligence communities worldwide, especially over his alma mater, the CIA.

This came to light when I had asked Ryan if the president of the
United States knew of his organization. He responded, “They know
we are there, but they are not sure what to make of it.” And when
I had next asked Ryan about his own side, his own allegiance when
he contracted with the CIA, he merely stated, “We are the most
powerful,” and left it at that.
I, too, decided to leave it at that, at least for now … except for
one last question. “Lucrative?” I asked, with an impish smile.
“What do you think?” was his enigmatic response.


In my own personal dealings with Ryan, “influence” was used to manipulate my behavior. At a subtle and lower level of handling, I would be reminded that my older brother and my first cousins all had various levels of funding from the government upon which they based their livelihoods. They were all involved in scientific and/or medical research at one time or another. With the dictum of “publish or perish” based upon research grants, such comments by Ryan certainly had a tendency to refocus my mind in the direction he was going.

Likewise, but on a much larger scale, military, political, social, and economic pressures have a way of influencing the direction taken by research facilities globally. My belief is that although the Singularity may not be controlled due to it’s enormous of size, Ryan’s organization can significantly influence the direction it takes to meet their corporate needs.


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