Ryan’s world, I thought to myself, was now my present reality.
In his world, your commitment is all that you have. For Ryan, commitment was a life and death issue that revolved around honesty. It was a sacred trust that we shared. In some countries if someone was to lie they would literally be killed for doing so. Ryan once explained it to me succinctly, saying, “If you meet someone in the middle of the desert and he asks you where the next water hole is, you had better tell him the truth. If you don’t, then the next time you meet, he will kill you.” It was as simple as that. Make no mistake about it.

Ryan was trained as a warrior, trained at killing and could snuff out
my life in an instant. But here is the paradox that I had to come to
terms with. This was once asked of me years ago. “You are standing with a gun in your hand. In front of you is a pregnant woman and in front of her is a mad man with a knife. The mad man screams at the pregnant woman, threatening her, and then lunges forward with the knife to kill her. What do you do?”

Ryan lived in a world of life and death issues on a constant basis. This is not like my working in a pharmacy environment. Sure, while working in retail there were some customers that I would have loved to have killed. But for Ryan, this was the real thing. This was face-to-face kill the other person, or he will kill the pregnant woman … and even you. If you kill the mad man you are on one hand a killer and on the other a savior. Remember, there are bad people in the world, and just because you have not met them does not mean that they do not exist.

And for Ryan, this was not always on just a small scale. Within his corporate empire decisions of profound consequences were, and still are, made on a daily basis. If we feed this group of a million people with our resources on this side of the world it will mean that another group of people on the other side of the world will starve. What are we to do? What kind of thoughts do you have
late at night making that decision?

Now, I sat in the midst of this dichotomy between good and evil as we continued our ride. I can tell you clearly that I knew which side of the moral dilemma I would come down on. For the pregnant woman and the untold number of countless others I thank him, and that is why I rode with him this night.

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the planet for peace.

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