I turned down the lights in the living room so that there was
only a faint glow emanating from the kitchen. In the silence, we sat
across from each other meditating for about thirty minutes.
Upon coming out of my meditation, I noticed Maureen looking across at me with a joyous, blissful look upon her face. I could also see and feel large concentric rings of dense blue light encircling my body. Well-formed, and being much larger at the bottom than at the top, they moved upward, picking up speed, until they vanished just above my head. With a distinctive inner noise—a “wuhh-wuhhwuhh” sound—each ring of blue light rotated upward with another taking its place from below. Before long, I noticed that the same rings of light were emanating from Maureen’s body in the same way.

Soon, the rings of light began to merge between us into much
bigger, synergistic rings. Now, blended together, these larger rings of light encircled us, enveloping us together at their rapturous centers. Traveling from the floor we sat upon to above our heads, the rings of light now produced a much louder sound that emanated from the overlapping of their waves. One could feel a great pressure in the merging. Here we sat in this great crescendo of blissful unity, our two subtle hearts merged into one.
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