One Saturday morning, I sat down in my living-room to meditate.
Relaxed in my chair, I noticed that something was different
from previous meditations as I felt that I was floating downward into
a deep, dark pool of nothingness. Although this sense of descending
into a deep void was different than other meditations, I nonetheless
felt at ease and comforted … but then, suddenly, a brilliant but
somewhat small, blue sphere appeared in my mind’s eye. It sparkled,
and I was fascinated by its luminescence; I had never seen such a sight
before. I watched it in complete awe, mesmerized by its effervescent
luster—a glow that seemed to be holding me more than my gaze was
holding it. Then, abruptly, shooting out from its side, a darker ray of
blue light—like that of a search beacon from a light house—pierced
the darkness extending to the visual horizon of my mind. Wow! My
mind reeled in astonishment. What is this? Then, very slowly, the
sparkling sphere began a clockwise rotation as the darker ray of blue
light rotated closer toward me. I was spellbound by this unbelievable
vision as the ray of light moved closer and closer, finally hitting
me squarely between the eyes.

With a blast of illuminating brilliance, I felt a cracking open of
my consciousness. Like water flowing out of a breech in a dam, I
felt an unfolding as though my core was being poured out into the

And then, there, she appeared before me, with her dark eyes and
a slightly lighter shade of skin—the great mother of the universe.
Her luminous face filling my field of vision, a look of profound
contentment was upon her. Magnificent waves of long, black hair
were draped about her face, and then began to slowly float upward,
framing her cheeks as if blown by a cosmic wind. The black tendrils
floated up and outward, stretching from both sides of her face to
the adjacent horizons, and as the flowing waves stretched outward,
so too did my consciousness. Out to the ends of the universe we
went, where on both sides of her face I could see stars, planets, and
galaxies pasted upon the blackness that extended outward, beyond
infinity. What a magnificent sight! As if it was a gift, the entire
universe was placed before me, and I bathed in its delights, joyous
and free.

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the planet for peace.

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