Ryan rose rapidly in the ranks of the CIA to a point that I will
call a nexus position. This central role involved reviewing critical
information, facts, strategies, and tactics from around the world.
Here, with his great memory and adroit analytical skills, he began
to put bits of the compartmentalized puzzle together, and in the
process, unraveled a hidden secret. Certain members of the power
elite, those at the top of the agency, had set up their own secret
agency within the CIA. In a way that is similar to a virus overtaking
a cell’s control systems, they had usurped the power and control
of the agency. They were doing things their way. The democratic
ideals and principals of control by which the CIA was supposed to
operate were being grossly violated by this group. Not liking what
he saw, Ryan revolted against it—his exposure of this group nearly
costing him his life. But by now, he had many of their secrets in
his possession. As a form of insurance, he had these secrets within
the CIA distributed to responsible people with power at the agency
and around the world, such that, upon his death, this information
would be released, causing the downfall of those in charge. This
effectively would take down this agency within an agency. Heads at
the CIA would literally roll with an internal war ensuing. They were
trapped in their own game, hoisted by their own petard—to state it
plainly, blown up by their own bombs.
Seeing his opportunity, Ryan then organized the many Allied and
Axis agents from around the world, those who had been in waiting
for all those years since World War II. By congealing these diverse
international pockets of likeminded agents into one organization
their powers synergistically multiplied. He moved them offshore
and fashioned an international agency of world-wide intent, not
just of their own individual countries’ needs, but for the needs of
the world. Their intention was to bring about a new world order for
cooperation on a global level, not just at the level of the individual
nation states. Only by doing this could they meet their stated goal
of preventing the next world war. With the old order of nationalistic
ideologies dying both within the CIA and within other countries’
agencies, he pried the remnants of control from their hands. The
rule of the nation-states would be no more.

CONTROL SWITCH ON : The Untold Story of the Most Powerful Man in the World
–RYAN MORAN–Who Shaped the Planet for Peace

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