This organization—singularly founded by Ryan Moran—
remains the largest and most powerful transnational corporation in
the world. Although its membership numbers are relatively low
compared to other organizations, the members are situated in
strategic positions internationally and can leverage their gatekeeper
status with powerful results, both economically and politically. They
are well financed and their global businesses continue to expand.
Because they originated from a multitude of secretive international
intelligence agencies from around the world, and because they
took their secrets of operations with them when they left to form
their new organization, they were the most adept at operating in
the covert spy arena. Now it is their former employers from nationalistic
agencies and the CIA who contract out to them and their
worldwide agency. This is, however, a one way street. No one gets
over the “big, black wall.” Yes, Erika was, when I first met Ryan,
in charge of this powerful organization. But there was a catch. Based
upon a clause in her contract, she would have to relinquish her role
to Ryan if he chose at any time to return. Because Ryan’s words and
actions were rough and at times unforgiving, the prospect of him
taking control again made them tremble.
By default it also made him the most powerful man in the world.

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