I am now free to do as I wish. As for my fortune and payout
on the Psi-control Project? Well, maybe sometime in the future,
according to Ryan. It is in Erika’s presiding hands now—under the
dictates of Ryan’s corporate mandates—as is the rest of the world.
She tried to pay me once with the retail pharmacy chain idea, but
that did not work out. Good or bad, a hitchhiker accepts the way of
the road—an acceptance of life on life’s terms. What matters most
to me is that the Psi-control project was accomplished and resides
in just and moral hands. Besides, I do have Ryan’s boots, and they
are worth a king’s ransom.
Think about it—through his power, he is the singular person
who has most organized and unified this world into what it is today,
a world with the future potential to be completely united as one.
He is the one man who has done more toward this end than anyone
else. That is his legacy, and a wondrous legacy it is. I feel privileged
to hold his boots, the boots of the world’s most powerful man.

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