On a more serious note, Ryan once told me of a secret mission he undertook that involved taking out a large military installation in a country whose identity was never to be disclosed. He knew that the target country’s air force had studied and knew our flying formations and flying tactics. Intuitively, he instructed his ground crew to mount two of his missiles so that they would shoot out from both sides of his jet rather than shooting forward from the front of the jet. They refused and contacted an air force general who came down to investigate. He countermanded the order until Ryan brazenly told him, “Then, you fly the fucking mission!”

The general—having to deal with this brash, young upstart of a pilot who was sent down by the CIA— relented, and the missiles, engineered with some adaptive hardware, were mounted sideways on the jet. With the fleet of military aircraft airborne, and Ryan’s jet in the lead position, they engaged the enemy employing a strategic triangular formation. This was what the enemy expected. Then, at the last moment, as the enemy jets swooped in to attack, Ryan fired both missiles from each side of the aircraft. This momentarily stunned the enemy and confounded the view on their radar system so that Ryan and his formation were able to get through their defense and destroy the installation.

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the planet for peace

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