After the orchestrated economic collapse, with a collective sigh
of cautious relief, people were able to take in a fresh breath, regroup,
and carefully embark on another day. While the future was not as
bright as it had once seemed, everyone realized, in retrospect, that
the markets were falsely propped up and artificially high through
perilous business practices, lack of governmental regulation of banks
and corporations, and by lobbyists’ bribes. We now all realize that
something needs to be done to remedy such longstanding, festering
problems. At the very least, our eyes have been opened.
Ryan was fond of quoting an old business saying, “Pigs grow
fat, but hogs get slaughtered.” A hog is a domesticated pig that
has grown so large—over 120 pounds—that it is now called a hog
and is considered fit for slaughter. America’s elite had indulged and
grown fat like a domesticated pig that was now, like a hog, ready for
slaughter, ready to have its overindulgent life brought to a violent
close. Most people do not realize how close we came in those fragile
days to a bloody and violent end. People witnessing the exorbitant
greed at the top of the corporate world were not willing to tolerate
much more. America still has the biggest and most powerful
economic engine, but if it were to stutter and stall, so too would the
rest of the world.
When out of work and out of hope, men everywhere pick up
their guns as their remedy, and in the face of overt greed, they
endeavor to reclaim what they know is rightfully theirs. When
people have little left to lose, countries could have had rivers of
blood flowing in their streets. Everyone knows that worldwide
economic collapse together with political instability is the perfect
equation for the next world war. Yes, we all came that close. But
contemplating the unthinkable is what Ryan was all about. In the
end, I was grateful that our country and the world had remained
intact. I offered a silent prayer to God and then silently thanked
Ryan, Erika and the members of their organization for their service
to the world. They had saved us once again. Ryan—through his
wisdom, foresight, and sacrifice—had established the organization.
Erika, by virtue of her superior guidance, had set the organizational
direction for their mission. It was the loyal, hard work of countless
others in the organization who had accomplished the mission.
Together, they had staved off total economic collapse and an inevitable
World War III.

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