We spent a lot of time traveling by car, and the mobile security
around him was always intense. On this night, as on many road trips,
we drove in convoy style: three cars behind us, and three cars in front
of us. Somewhere, far behind us, was a tractor-trailer truck, black
of course, that Ryan called the “munchkin scruncher.” This was a
massive vehicle that carried the various armaments and weapons of
greater force than what the crew was packing just in case they were
needed. Somewhere, up high and out of sight, was a helicopter,
and above that were the communications and spy satellites. All of
this information was sent to the computers that Ryan’s organization
controlled in order to orchestrate our trips. Security about Ryan
was just a brick in the “big, black wall,” yet it was a symphony of
firepower and, if necessary, a crescendo of death.

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