About the Author

About the Author

Ira Teller, Esquire has a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and is considered the father of Psi-control technology. An avid hitchhiker, he was last seen holding an “Anywhere” sign in his hand.

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To tell you a bit about myself, I am anomalistic—the outlier point on the curve which, to most, is seen as different. Granted, at times my way of thinking can be tangential and angled from the norm, but I have embraced this as a positive attribute, and it is the reason that I am telling this story to you; I was able to see something different from the norm in Ryan, a unique superiority of thought and purpose that most others could not discern about the man. You see, I am an explorer, an adventurer, which requires residing near the edge, being dangerously close to the abyss. My journeys through the physical world, my ascent within the spiritual realm, and my scientific explorations of psychical domains are a collective testimony to this.

If I had stayed in the middle, in the norm, then Ryan and I would never have met, this story would have never been told, and the world would not have been changed for the better. Ryan was fond of paraphrasing Herbert Spencer, “There is one principle that bars all other principles, and that is contempt prior to investigation.” How true this is. There will always be the contemptuous naysayers, doubters, and conspiracy theorists who have not traveled far, yet they will try to bar the idea that Psi-control Switches exist, and that one man, Ryan Moran, shaped the destiny of the world. But for those of you who want to explore and investigate, I ask that you bear with me, if only for a relatively brief moment in time. Try to see your universe from a different perspective—try seeing through the shared vision of Ryan Moran and me.

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