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(Addendum: Posts with all CAPITAL LETTERS reflect excerpts already found in the book. The lower cap Note Categories reflects my memories of Ryan Moran or other individuals and events which have not been formally incorporated into the book)

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Why did the Russians and Chinese want to capture Ira Teller? Psi thermistor studies were already already published.

Question from: Roger S—-, Scientist, Inventor

At our last meeting you stated the Russians and Chinese were interested in capturing you and possibly torturing you for what you knew about the Psi-control switch. But thermistor studies involving the psychic Ingo Swann and his ability to change the temperature of a thermistor were already published in the early 1970′s. This was long before you were involved in the field. Why would they be so interested in you? How do you explain this?

Answer from: Ira

You are correct. The successful paranormal influence by  Ingo Swann upon temperature with insulated thermistors was reported by Gertrude Schmeidler, Ph.D., in The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, October 1973. I surmise there was more to this situation than just my knowledge of parapsychology. Rather I suspect it was my close association with Ryan Moran which stimulated the interest in me.

Over time Ryan’s influence was being felt more and more globally. I assume foreign intelligence agencies, like their counterpart the CIA in the United States, were noting this increased activity but did not know what to make of it due to the “big black wall” of secrecy around his organization. Most likely I was seen as a way to breach this level of security and infiltrate his organization. As a consequence, I may have become a valued target.




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The ten year anniversary celebration of Ryan Moran Day occurs on Sunday, June 23rd , 2013. This celebration, on the first full moon in June, honors the life of Ryan Moran, The Most Powerful Man In The World.

I will be celebrating and honoring his memory with my typical Tin Roof Sunday (or equivalent). Lately, when thinking about him and his accomplishments, I wonder what he would think of today’s world as it has evolved ten years after his death.

Ira Teller

Through his organization, he created and set into operation the
first template for a worldwide government as it successfully broke
away from control of the nation states. This was a control switch of
unprecedented proportions—nation’s governments are no longer in
ultimate control of world affairs; Ryan’s organization governs the
dynamics of national and global interests. Regardless of whether
you can see it or acknowledge it, this is the true role and stature that
his organization currently maintains. His organization’s role is for
shaping peace in the world.

Ryan Moran died in 2003. He was fifty-eight years old. His
ashes have been scattered in the rivers and lakes that he so loved.

I hereby suggest that we proclaim the day of the first full moon
in June to be Ryan Moran Day. This day, in the month of his birth,
can be a celebration for all of the world’s people, regardless of
nationality, to honor him for his accomplishments. This day should
be a worldwide day of remembrance and celebration that commemorates
the bitter sacrifices and suffering that he underwent for all of
us as he rode roughshod over tyranny. He brought about a new
world order, moving us forward toward peace and prosperity
without the specter of a worldwide war. Through the vast swath of
governance that his organization still imparts to all of the countries
of the world, he was able to accomplish great works and unite us
more than any other person. He did good in the world. Although
just a man, akin to us but with extraordinary talents, in our time of
need he was there through his organization to prevent a global
economic depression and stop the next world war. Those who knew
Ryan and worked beside him revel in his undertakings as the world’s
protector and as a man who truly sowed the seeds of a more united
planet. He lives on through his transnational organization—his
wisdom still guiding our collective destiny today.
Let us celebrate the life of The Great and Mighty Ryan
Moran—a life that allows us exceptional tranquility and bounty.
May his vision live on forever in our hearts, minds, and deeds.





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The Coming 99%/OWS Worldwide Revolution-Ryan Moran: World’s Most Powerful Man(Notes Not Formally In The Book)

With the 2012 Presidential election between Romney and Obama nearly at hand I have been asked by some to share my views on the matter. Frankly, what truly amazes me is the inaccurate belief most people have that this is a battle between the two candidates and their respective parties. Little do they realize both Presidential contenders are merely surrogates in a proxy war existing outside their perspective between trans-national corporations. It is as if peoples minds are unable to pull back the curtain to see the real puppeteers involved in pulling the strings.

Let me first preface my thoughts by stating some of what I know about current day affairs and the future is speculative. This speculation is however based upon my many years of experience  with Ryan Moran. The insights I posses due to my close association with someone who was once the world’s most powerful man allows me to extrapolate to the current day and beyond in a unique manner . Granted, it has been nearly ten years since Ryan’s death and a new level of uncertainty exists with each passing year. But still the principles by which he acted remain the same. In my mind it is all to clear in what direction world events are headed.

Let me also be frank in stating most people lack a perspective of trans-national corporate control which exists outside their sphere of view. Their minds look to the familiar and that which is directly in front of them. This mindset creates a mental bubble in which they live and distorts reality. Most will not be able mentally to project themselves to the other side of the bubble of corporate control as it is a reality they are not familiar with.  Few individuals will be able to self-examine this idea. The mind shrinks from any reality which challenges the boundaries of the status quo. To be sure, many people I encounter are more intelligent than myself with talents, skills, and accomplishments far exceeding my own. They are educated, well read, have traveled the world extensively and certainly keep up on political discourse. But what they lack is a perspective allowing them to be able to see outside their own sphere of view. Furthermore, it is difficult to see that which remains in the dark and the transnationals wish to keep it this way. All the great minds of a village may wonder what it is like at the top of the nearby mountain but sometimes it is wise to ask the lowly sheep herder who has actually been there.

There are currently more than forty three thousand trans-national corporations dotting the planets landscape. Each one of these corporations is large and generates huge amounts of data at an ever increasing rate. But our minds operate in a linear fashion and cannot comprehend the exponential parameters of this reality. It is this exponential size and speed of the trans-national corporate information that boggles the mind. In essence, we cannot wrap our minds around it. This type of big data can only be monitored, analyzed and understood by super computers. But who posses these super computers? The corporations do and are certainly not willing to share their private information with you. Now, factor in the fact these trans-nationals have their data hidden from view by the laws they enacted. Within any country, only a thin sliver of their operation is exposed.  There are corporations hidden behind corporations and then again owned by other corporations that are again hidden behind others around the world. This makes for a most obstructed  view. Even more mind baffling is the level of interactiveness and connectivity between these corporate entities. Somewhere under this grand trans-national shell game lies the control to the wealth and power of the world.

The great majority of people wrongly think they understand this when it is clear we as humans do not have the capacity or the access to the tools to do so. Because of  the enormity of the information generated and exponential scale of its transmission we are at a loss. We have neither the mental bandwidth or the  processing speed to keep up with it. Our reaction is to create a mental bubble with thoughts in a framework we can comprehend.  But this framework does not match well with reality as we continue to loose sight as to what is on the other side of the bubble.  Yes, the bubble is a porous sort of membrane with information transferring back an forth. Yet it is obvious the trans-nationals  have large access to our individual information but  we have little access to theirs. Some have learned to piggishly exploit this bubble for their own advantage.

The trans-nationals compete and cooperate in this global arena establishing alliances and adversaries alike. I first found out early on from Ryan Moran the extent to which this occurred. The matter came to light when we were discussing a friend of mine who originally wanted to fund my Psi-control switch. In retrospect his funding would have been miniscule compared with what Ryan eventually contributed. Additionally, I most likely did not have the necessary skills or talent sufficient to carry out the research of such a complex project. That being said, one of the arguments Ryan used for not wanting my friend to be involved with the project was his working for “the other side.” I asked him what he meant by this and he explained how my friend was working for Union Carbide. I knew that but was perplexed by his answer so I asked him to further explain it. Ultimately his explanation came down to the fact that the trans-nationals were split into two separate sides or camps. The side Ryan supported would in today’s parlance be called the Ninety Nine Percent along with the Occupy Wall Street movement. What he called thirty three years ago, “the other side,” now goes by the name of the One Percent. Although our original conversation took place long ago, the notion remains the same. It is clear to me this is the same concept with the terminology recently morphing into a new name.

Remember, Ryan’s main corporate mandate beyond all others was to stop the next great war. Inherently he and his alliances understood that when there is such a discrepancy between the Ninety Nine Percent and the One Percent that extreme instability occurs. It is a bio, psycho, social problem with ramifications tearing at the fabric of society. In this extreme case, factors such as alcoholism rates, crime rates, teenage pregnancy, and a whole host of other variables generally change towards the dysfunctional.  It leaves a distrust between members of society, a fraying of the social thread, even at the highest class levels. Bluntly put, this discrepancy and inequality is a recipe for revolution eventually leading to war. For this reason his corporate empire and other like minded trans-nationals have supported the Democrats and not the Republicans.

I will now theorize that as long as the Democrats remain in power, they will try to resolve the issue of inequality through political means. The key point here is if they can maintain a substantial political base in all three governmental branches . By this I mean not just the Presidency, but a substantive presence in the Congress and the Supreme Court. But, if Obama and the Democrats were to loose this election, or for that matter if they were to win this election and eventually loose to the Republicans, and loose a significant amount of support in Congress and the Supreme Court, then I suspect they may take a different tact. At the point where they feel they have lost their political power to control the situation, they will turn their funding and organizational machinery in support of the Ninety Nine Percent and the Occupy Wall Street movement. If you were to witness this happening, a seismic shift is close at hand.

The inequality of class is not just a problem contained to the United States. Rather, like the trans-national corporations themselves, it is a world wide phenomena. This ubiquitous situation could precipitate the first global revolution on a scale never seen before. Where it will start, no one can say. Maybe it will start in America. Then again, maybe it will begin like the recent Arab Spring revolts with the self immolation of a man from Tunisia who had lost his dignity and lost all hope. It only takes a tiny spark to begin a conflagration.

Revolutions by definition are usually violent and explosive in nature. They are many times, if past history is any indication, messy affairs prone to bloodshed. Although this is a position Ryan’s current corporate empire would shun, it is nevertheless one of the possible outcomes. Let us hope and pray a reset of this inequitable situation can be resolved by peaceful and more traditional means. But if it cannot, the dire consequences of a world wide revolution may ensue.


















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Oil Tanker Pilot “Golden Boy” Joins AA -Associate of Ryan Moran-World’s Most Powerful Man (Notes: not officially in the book)

Ryan Moran called him the “Golden Boy” due to the color of his blonde hair and  ostensible young looks. He was one of Ryan’s oil tanker pilots and part of the inner circle when Ryan was still in control of the organization. Although not the head of the oil shipping department, as that distinction fell upon a man named C—, the “Golden Boy” had obviously been associated with Ryan for a considerable period of time. He thus was able to act as a unique sounding board to my questions regarding how the oil they controlled was manipulated throughout the world. I suspect he was not a member of the CIA by his body language and the looseness of his words. Eventually he did verify as being true the accounts Ryan had told me regarding their shipping operations.

The “Golden Boy” would occasionally come into Mapleton for stints of about thirty days at a time joining Ryan at his AA meetings. Obviously he too ran afoul of good judgement and possibly even succumbed to one of  Erika’s mandates.  This attending of meetings went on for a period of a couple of years. Although Ryan was not particularly close to the “Golden Boy”, he was social and cordial in his presence. The “Golden Boy” did convey to me how they were drinking buddies from days gone by.

Terry was the younger sister of the “Golden Boy” who started to date Ryan and accompanied us at times when we went to the movies. She was a tall and attractive brunette of about twenty five years old. The only significant things I remember her telling me about herself was  she attended the local university. Not much else was revealed about her life. Ryan did however tell me she was once a page on Capitol Hill. In this regard, and being the sister of the “Golden Boy,” I assumed she was familiar with Ryan’s position within the world’s hierarchy. Neither of us broached the subject matter and she remained tight lipped, focusing her attention on Ryan when we were together. She was only around Ryan for several months before she quietly disappeared  from the picture.

Both the “Golden Boy” and his sister had well passed from my purview when Ryan once again brought up their names. We were watching the evening news on the television together some years later when the newscaster mentioned hostilities with Iran in the Strait of Hermuz. This is a narrow passageway in the Middle East connecting the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea, a strategic corridor through which much of the world’s oil is shipped. The Iranians had aimed their missiles at one of Ryan’s oil tankers and threatened to close the waterway unless their demands were met. The tanker, now fully loaded with oil, was a sitting duck in an explosive and dangerous situation with the crew originally ordered to abandon ship. Ryan explained how they now had to helicopter in the “Golden Boy” to pilot the vessel out of harms way. With a nervous look Ryan said, “I sure am glad I’m not in his shoes.” Ultimately the situation was resolved without an adverse event yet I remember thinking to myself about the dangers involved for the “Golden Boy.” It also reinforced my belief  as to why it would not be the best of ideas to join Ryan’s organization. Then, as an additional shocker, Ryan told me news about the “Golden Boy’s” sister Terry. He matter of factually revealed she had become pregnant when she was with him in Mapleton, bearing him a son and was now raising him back in Washington. It certainly was startling information and perhaps Ryan and I were still too young in our nascent relationship for him to reveal this to me previously. Yet upon reflection, I assume she had gotten what she wanted, a son from the world’s most powerful man.

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CIA “Toothpick” Main Partner Of World’s Most Powerful Man-Ryan Moran- (Notes: not formally in the book)

After Erika, the individual Ryan Moran trusted the most was his longtime partner at the CIA he called Toothpick (Also known as T.P.) When it came to doing the really big missions around the world, T.P. was always a top pick. As stated in the book, T.P. was a black  man who mysteriously floated somewhere in the background of our lives and was involved with our security. According to Ryan, he was a fierce warrior with an exceptional skill set necessary to survive in the cloak and dagger world. Somehow he seemed able to remain separate to a certain extent from Erika’s security lieutenant. Seemingly he acted more like a private security guard Ryan could use if and when he needed to. Still, I could tell by the way Ryan talked about T.P. that they had an especially strong and warm relationship going back many years. Obviously they were involved in many tight and dangerous situations together where they had to watch each others back.

I only met T.P. once and never directly spoke to him. Being inquisitive when I first heard Ryan speak his name, I asked why he was called T.P? Ryan explained to me how he always seemed to have a toothpick in his mouth which he continually chewed on. Early on  in my relationship with Ryan, he became agitated about a security situation developing around us. Although he would not tell me what it was about, it bothered him enough to take action and call in T.P. This event was  before the time he kept a revolver and rifles in the house.  In his mind this must have left him feeling exposed. With a call to T.P. we were on our way to Middletown to meet him at a burger shop they both knew. But before we left for the drive, Ryan went over to one of the neighbors homes and asked to borrow their son’s toy rifle.  I did not even know about the rifle but Ryan must have been keeping an eye on the boy and his special toy. When he brought the rifle back to our house I asked him what the toy rifle was was all about. He explained to me how he wanted certain people to think he was armed and the toy rifle was just a ruse to convince them.

When we finally left the house that evening and entered his black car, Ryan wielded the rifle just like he would a real one. Needless to say, the drive that night to Middletown was fraught with suspense and tension for me. Shortly into our trip on the freeway a jeep like vehicle pulled up next to ours. The male driver looked over at us for a few moments, nodded at us, then sped off down the freeway. I asked Ryan what that was all about and he just said, “Oh…the boys are back in town.” I guess reinforcements never hurt.

We made our way to the burger joint without any incident and entered inside with Ryan still carrying the rifle in tow for protection. He eventually stashed the rifle between us in a sit-down booth while looking around and told me to jump behind the counter if there were any problems. Nervously I  scanned the interior for a black man who was chewing on a toothpick but found none. Moments later Ryan told me to follow him as he  got up, exited through a side door, and quickly started up the stairs to a cheap motel just next to the restaurant. We climbed to the second story and there on the landing at the top was what I was looking for. A large black man chewing a white toothpick out of the side of his mouth. No words were exchanged but when our eyes met he gave me a smile and reassuring nod of his head. I knew every thing would be okay from there on out.

T.P. eventually faded from my view a couple of decades later due to a reassignment after the September 11th terrorist attacks. According to Ryan  he was needed to help with the hunt for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. There was however one interesting  conversation between he and Ryan prior to his leaving that I found telling about the man. It involved a phone conversation in which I only had privy to Ryan’s part of the conversation. It was obvious T.P. was having marital problems and Ryan, with his exceptional counseling skills, was acting as a sounding board in this matter. During the conversation it was also revealed T.P. had recently finished a degree from Harvard University, an accomplishment in which Ryan expressed his great pride. It was a milestone T.P. had always wanted to accomplish. This resonated well with my assumption of T.P. having risen up from the ranks of the military and not going through the University system as Ryan did.






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Cheyenne Mountain Comp. Impressed World’s Most Powerful Man-Ryan Moran (Notes: not formally in the book)

Sometime after the second decade of our friendship Ryan Moran paid me a surprise visit while I was working at one of his organization’s Pharmacies. Luckily it was not very busy when he popped in that evening giving me his usual salutation of, “Howdy.” It was great to see him as there had been a long lapse in our being together. He explained he hoped to spend some time with me so we could catch up on events together. Then, apologetically, he explained how Erika had just curtailed his plans. He said he needed to fly to Colorado and spend some time at Cheyenne Mountain to take care of some “business.” We were both disappointed by this news. Not linger long in the Pharmacy, he shortly left to catch a flight telling me he would give me a call in a couple of weeks.

I did not know much about the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and most of what I knew came from the few articles I had read about it in magazines over the years. It was the nuclear bunker for NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), excavated deep within a granite mountain. It made sense to me he would be visiting there because this was a U.S. Air Force center,  the branch of the military he served in. When he finally called me I asked him what he thought of the complex. With some exuberance to his voice he said he found it “impressive.” In all of our years together it was extremely rare for him to use that term and with exuberance none the less.

Ryan was the most well traveled and worldly person I had ever met. I suspect one would be hard pressed to name someone who was as well versed in the wonders of the world as he was. Yet when we were involved in social conversation with others it was an exceedingly rare instance when he would bring up such facts. To become “the most powerful man in the world” he had to do a lot of traveling and meet the elites of the World’s power structure. From Kings, Queens, and Royalty to Prime Ministers,  Presidents,  and even dictators he had met and visited with the planet’s fair share of impressive people and places.

I recall now how many years ago we watched a film together regarding  aspects of his life in the CIA entitled “Three Days Of The Condor.” It was obvious from the film his code name was Condor. When I asked him how he came to receive such a code name he matter-of-factually replied, “A Condor travels far and  wide.” So when he told me Cheyenne Mountain was impressive, I took him at his word.



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CIA Partner Of World’s Most Powerful Man-Ryan Moran (Notes: not formally in the book)

Early on in my acquaintance  with Ryan Moran I got to meet one of his CIA partners by the name of J–. His main partner was still T.P. (Tooth Pick) but every now and then, when he needed to do contract work in the local area, he would team up with one of his past partners. I never spoke to him and only saw him once when Ryan pointed him out to me when he came over to pick up the Spy Car. He was a large  man with a round barrel of a chest, scraggly dark hair with a beard to match. He was not “clean looking” like others around Ryan and I suspect he was undercover for this reason.

Ryan talked to him from time to time on the phone. A very unusual aspect of these phone conversations was Ryan letting me listen in to their conversation for very short periods of time. This occurred  on just two occasions. When he was talking to J– he motioned me to come over and then put his hand over the mouthpiece saying, “Put your ear up to the phone and listen while I talk.” He then held the phone at an angle so we could both listen to the conversation. I could not hear well and it was an uncomfortable position as Ryan was taller than me. I would only listen for about a minute before Ryan would move the phone away. This all seemed rather strange to me and I am not sure why he wanted me to do this. Perhaps he just wanted to let me know there really was someone on the other end of the line.

J– was involved with Ryan and the use of the Spy Car. From the bits and pieces I gleaned from their conversations some of this work dealt with the illicit drug trade. Their work relationship went on until Ryan received notice that J–’s brother, who also worked for the CIA, had both of his legs blown of off by a car bomb. He was not related as far as I could tell with the local operation but was working elsewhere. Ryan called J– and consoled him about the loss of his brother’s legs but was glad he was still alive. J– faded out of the picture shortly thereafter but the car bomb incident soured the mood around the house for quite a few weeks.














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Spy Car For World’s Most Powerful Man-Ryan Moran (Notes:not formally in the book)

Sometime during the first few years I knew Ryan the spy car arrived. It just showed up one day in the drive way. Essentially it was a small and older looking car rather non-threatening in its appearance. But, as it turns out, this was just a cover for a powerful muscle car. The cars frame under the hood was modified to fit a Corvette engine inside along with other modifications throughout the car. For example, a specially modified suspension allowed it to take lots of punishment and stay on the road even if it hit a high curb. The only outward sign of its true nature was the fact it had a race car steering wheel with a very small diameter. Although the “spy car” was my name for the vehicle Ryan referred to it as the “get up and go machine.” He explained to me how he needed to do some work for Erika which required him to be able to tail  people in their cars without making them suspicious when he was behind them. Obviously, a newer, larger, and more muscular car would throw up a red flag to the driver in front of him when being tailed. This inconspicuous car gave him an edge in hiding his real intentions. Of course, if there was to be a pursuit, he would have plenty of “get up and go” to keep up with the opposition. This new role for Ryan was part of a contractual quid pro quo agreement between Erica and the CIA. It effectively allowed Ryan to stay in the local area without having to travel as much.

Normally I was not allowed to be with Ryan when he went out on these runs in the spy car. For some unknown reason Ryan did ask me once to join him on a spy car run. It was near dusk in Mapleton when he threw a couple of rifles which he kept in a closet into the car and asked me to come along. I hopped in and he quickly barreled out of the driveway,connected with the freeway, then got off on a side road in a rural part of the county. He pulled up behind a single level structure and shoved one of the rifles into my hands. When we got out of the car I asked him what he wanted me to do with the rifle. He said, “Just stay here at the car and if anyone comes out of that back door over there, shoot them. I’ll be going in through the front.” I was a bit shocked so I asked him, “What if you come out of the back door?” With annoyance and a facial grimace he snapped back at me, “Damn it, just shoot whoever comes out the door.” “Okay, okay” I quickly replied as he headed towards the structure. Luckily no one exited the rear of the structure and about twenty minutes later Ryan returned to the car. As an extra bonus I got to drive part of the way home in the spy car. It certainly was a “get up and go machine” although I felt strange driving it. This was not so much because of its speed and power but because of the awkwardness of the small racing steering wheel which I was not used to.

What he was doing inside the structure I do not know as I had the good sense not to ask. In any event, driving the spy car was an exhilarating experience and a night to remember. About a year later the spy car disappeared from the driveway as mysteriously as it had arrived. Ryan never discussed its disappearance and I never asked what happened to it.












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call a nexus position. This central role involved reviewing critical
information, facts, strategies, and tactics from around the world.
Here, with his great memory and adroit analytical skills, he began
to put bits of the compartmentalized puzzle together, and in the
process, unraveled a hidden secret. Certain members of the power
elite, those at the top of the agency, had set up their own secret
agency within the CIA. In a way that is similar to a virus overtaking
a cell’s control systems, they had usurped the power and control
of the agency. They were doing things their way. The democratic
ideals and principals of control by which the CIA was supposed to
operate were being grossly violated by this group. Not liking what
he saw, Ryan revolted against it—his exposure of this group nearly
costing him his life. But by now, he had many of their secrets in
his possession. As a form of insurance, he had these secrets within
the CIA distributed to responsible people with power at the agency
and around the world, such that, upon his death, this information
would be released, causing the downfall of those in charge. This
effectively would take down this agency within an agency. Heads at
the CIA would literally roll with an internal war ensuing. They were
trapped in their own game, hoisted by their own petard—to state it
plainly, blown up by their own bombs.
Seeing his opportunity, Ryan then organized the many Allied and
Axis agents from around the world, those who had been in waiting
for all those years since World War II. By congealing these diverse
international pockets of likeminded agents into one organization
their powers synergistically multiplied. He moved them offshore
and fashioned an international agency of world-wide intent, not
just of their own individual countries’ needs, but for the needs of
the world. Their intention was to bring about a new world order for
cooperation on a global level, not just at the level of the individual
nation states. Only by doing this could they meet their stated goal
of preventing the next world war. With the old order of nationalistic
ideologies dying both within the CIA and within other countries’
agencies, he pried the remnants of control from their hands. The
rule of the nation-states would be no more.

CONTROL SWITCH ON : The Untold Story of the Most Powerful Man in the World
–RYAN MORAN–Who Shaped the Planet for Peace

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I see Ryan Moran more as “The Father of Our Planet” in an analogous fashion to George Washington being the “Father of Our Country.” Every country has a founding father, a willful existentialist of a man who historically through cunning and force forged the various regional tribes, villages and cities into the nation state. These were usually revolutionary times that involved the use of guns and sabers with the spilling of blood to bring about these transitions. In similar fashion, Ryan Moran has forged the nation states into the first world wide governmental force unifying our planet.

Ira Teller

Control Switch On | The untold story of the most powerful man in the world – RYAN MORAN – who shaped the planet for peace.

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