“Where are you going, son?”

Fifty million dead—both soldiers and the innocent—slaughtered and butchered in a bloodbath of unimaginable proportions. Young and old, rich and poor, women and children—it did not matter. They were all caught up in the gears of that Great War machine called World War II, only to be churned out in rivers of blood, with shredded bodies spewed out upon the land.

Their screams for mercy and horrible last cries of pain were met by an icy indifference, smothered by the insanity of it all. It was then, in the midst of that great horror, that agents in the various intelligence communities met in secret. These were those men who witnessed the horror of that period first hand. Talking among themselves, they knew there needed to be a better way to stabilize governments, nations, and peoples; consequently, they swore their allegiance to one another to never let a war like this happen again.

These were not just agents of the Allies, but included their like-minded counterparts on the opposite side, agents of the Axis powers. Suffering can bind people together in unusual ways. Men who were willing to meet one another in warfare now met to fight a different kind of battle—a battle of ideology, stability, and peace. And so, after convening to ponder their strategies, these agents returned to their respective homeland agencies scattered about the world, knowing that something needed to be done.

They kept in touch with one another as they formed a loose affiliation of covert progenitor cells underlying their own individual organizations. They could not have known that a redeemer was coming—Ryan Moran would be the one to eventually unify them into an international intelligence agency surpassing all other intelligence agencies in scale and scope. It would become the largest and most powerful agency in the world. This is how it all started, and this is what Ryan Moran told me.

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